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Quality Controller

Lovenature Superfoods Group is a global leader in sustainably sourced organic superfoods. We are looking for a passionate Quality Controller with great communication skills and experience in food quality systems.  

Lovenature Superfoods Group:

Our business model consists of working directly with incredible farmers worldwide and providing a complete quality control system, logistics directly from our farmers to our client's warehouse in Europe. We specialise in ‘organic chia seeds,’ and organic sesame seeds.´

Our clients are leading European trading companies, manufacturers, and other prominent players at the industrial level. Our door-to-door service helps to bring more efficiency and effectiveness to our client's buying department while we take care of every aspect of the process for them.

Personality requirement:

We are looking for a versatile, flexible and detail-oriented person Able to work under pressure in a very dynamic environment with high vision.

In this position you will work daily in the production factory supervising compliance with quality requirements related to production and the product generated.

The candidate will be able to take initiative and face daily challenges with a positive mindset, as well as someone who is able to be proactive and think out of the box, while complying with quality standards.

We need a team member preferably with experiences working in quality areas in food manufacturing companies. Demonstrate drive, perseverance and responsiveness.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Control the intake of the raw product in the installation (check labelling, state of the bags, quantity, etc.) and record it.

  • Construct homogeneous batches of raw product in terms of organoleptic qualities, highlighting the homogeneity of the colour.

  • Take samples of raw product following the established protocols and record the findings.

  • Control the process followed by the product in the processing line and record both the correct functioning and the findings, deviations, irruptions or any anomaly.

  • Perform and record check list of the facilities (maintenance, tools...).

  • Check and verify the state of cleaning.

  • Carry out sampling on the final product following the protocols.

  • Consistent monitoring of food manufacturing facility procedures

  • Data entry of QC information.

  • Maintain records related to traceability (Raw materials, finished goods, packaging, etc).

  • Verifies equipment (scales, thermometers, etc).

  • Reporting and documenting any quality and food safety issues to machine operator.

  • Assist in investigating customer complaints and help to resolve quality issues.

  • Assist in training and developing team members.

  • Conduct pre-operational inspections of production lines including Sanitation verification.

  • Help the Quality manager to investigate product and process Non conformities to the responsibilities.


  • Knowledge of safety and food quality.

  • Computer literacy

  • Bachelor of Science degree, with an emphasis on food science, food engineering, chemistry, or related field

  • Good judgment and ability to make decisions in a timely manner

  • Ability to manage multiple tasks at once

Job Qualification:

It is a requirement that you live in Kampala.

Job Information:

We are hiring now, so send your application with your salary aspiration to today! The deadline for all applications is Friday 08th December 2023 but we will look at applicants as soon as they appear. We are hiring now so send you an application to today!

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